In Ayurvedic texts ‘Kaumar’ word means a child 0 up to the age of 16, and ‘Bhritya’ means child care. So the subject ‘Kaumar Bhritya’ deals with the child care both preventive as well as curative.

Our Acharyas believed that care given during this age group is the back bone of their whole life that is why the facts and Clinical knowledge contained in those texts is gaining popularity day by day.

  • Department is running regular OPD with special Clinics.
  • Neonatal Care Unit.
  • Regular counseling of child as well as parents for various types of problems like low concentration, bed wetting, teeth grinding, night walking etc.
  • Different display Charts and Models compilation are there in the Department.
  • The facilities of Pediatric Panchkarma are also available.

Details of Affiliated University : MUHS